Welcome to Friends of Lakewood Ohio Parks (FoLOP)

Visit Madison Park, located at 13201 Madison Avenue in Lakewood, Ohio!

Only Madison Park offers residents the opportunity to see their neighborhood, with its rich cultural diversity and deep historical roots, reflected in the play and gatherings of every age.

Our family-friendly neighborhood park has a brand new playground for toddlers through age 12, a baseball diamond, a swimming pool, soccer fields, tennis courts, a picnic shelter, and a branch of the local public library surrounded by old oak trees that provide shade and ambience.

Within its small borders, Madison Park gives every Lakewood resident the opportunity to experience something even bigger than the great pool, playground, gardens and events.

We would like to invite neighbors, including families, local business owners, and others to help us work to develop and maintain Lakewood's Backyard Park!

The Friends of Madison Park are committed to the revitalization and improvement of Madison Park and the desire to retain and highlight the park's rich cultural diversity and historical roots with the City of Lakewood.